Needless to say, it is impossible to come on holiday to St Barths and to walk to and from St Barths. A rental car is required. There are several car, scooter etc. rental companies in St Barths, but none that offer a real assistance service, apart of course from Cool Rental.

Alain Edery discovered St Barths more than 25 years ago and immediately seized the opportunity to develop a value added business, that of car rental with 24 hour assistance. A truly exclusive service for every customer who rents one of his cars. And that was pretty cool. Everyone in St. Barths will remember the first GPS-assisted rental cars. A GPS, you may ask, on an island as small as St. Barths, is that useful? I’m inclined to say yes, since only the capital Gustavia has street names. So how can you find your way around anywhere but Gustavia…

So, Cool Rental, has partnered with different hotels for the valet parking car rental service, such as Le Manapany, Le Sereno, Le Taiwana, Le Barthélemy and Le Toiny. Today, the partnership is exclusively with Le Cheval Blanc Isle de France and the villa rental agencies.

The evolution of the Cool Rental fleet is permanent, each year new vehicles, new models, but also recently, a new philosophy, a new style, finally the return of a very pop style, the Mini Moke.

Alain Edery to buy the Australian brand and to relaunch the construction of the famous Mini Moke with a worldwide marketing. A hundred Mini Moke are already available for rent in Saint Barth. It is a vehicle, young and dynamic, very colorful and perfectly in the spirit of the island. It is a thermal vehicle with automatic gearbox and power steering allowing to make peaks at 120 kmh. Public price of each vehicle +/- 25 000 euros.

You wish to rent a Mini Moke, contact our concierge service, they will be happy to help you.

It is an investment of more than 15 million euros that Alain Edery has made, so obviously, as a good father, he protects it and takes legal action for all the counterfeits that can be found on the market. And one of the leaders in this field is China, which produces, among other things, an electric « Moke ». No more jokes, the only authentic Moke are those produced by his factory in France near Cerisay (Nantes).

Soon in St Barths, a fifty electric Moke will be available for rent. This vehicle offers a range of 150 km thanks to its 100% rechargeable lithium batteries in only 6 hours. The unit price is +/- 28 000 euros. This represents a planned investment of 1.4 million euros. Discussions with the community are well advanced for the creation of an infrastructure of electric terminal in Gustavia for the recharging of the said batteries, among other things. They should be available in 2021.

We will certainly have the opportunity to tell you more in due course. In any case, this is a good action for the quality of life in St. Barths. To be continued.

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