A large majority of the island’s villas and hotels offer the hospitality products of the Ligne St Barth. But not that renowned international institutions also use it. And so, it is a source of pride for the island and for its creators that a cosmetics brand is known and recognized in this way.

For more than three decades, the Ligne St Barth has combined the ancestral knowledge of the Caribbean Indians with the latest scientific discoveries in compliance with the strict quality standards for cosmetics. This is how body and facial treatments exist and are available in selected hotels and perfumeries around the world.

Over time, the Ligne St Barth has developed an extremely complete range of skin care products and perfumes for both women and men. Recently, and to keep the tropical scents alive, a new candle has been designed.

It is an invitation to let the scents of a tropical garden into your interior, a feeling of summer will spread in each room of your house, your villa.

Thus, the new fresh fruit candle of the Ligne St Barth invites us to taste the delights of ripe fruit. In the tropics, the intense sunshine gives mango, pineapple and passion fruit a bewitching aroma. Guava, blackcurrant and cashew apple deliver tangy notes to offer a delicate and gourmet fragrance.

A refreshing and sensual composition: take a deep breath and enjoy the energy of summer! The fresh fruit candle invites you to let your thoughts wander towards the captivating world of the Caribbean.

A unique touch to embellish your villa even more or simply to take with you some intoxicating notes of Saint-Barth with you. We at Destination Saint Barths love it so we decided to share this discovery with you.

Ligne St Barth

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