Since the end of 2015 the Artists of St Barth association has been very active in St Barth to promote the art and artists of the island, but not only. For some time now, it has been expanding and trying to promote artists from the surrounding islands. After Irma, the association has also gathered a set of works donated by the association’s artists and whose sales proceeds contribute to various actions for the restoration of the island.

The famous photographer Antoine Verglas is the godfather of this first ArtWeek. Nils Dufau, Chairman of the Tourism Committee, also participated in this event. The principle, 5 artists, 5 places, 5 stars in 5 dates.

So from February 4 to 9, you can discover, « Triptychs » by Antoine Verglas at Hôtel Le Barthélemy in Grand Cul de Sac, « St Barth Shells » by Laurent Benoit at Villa Marie in Colombier, « Turquoise » by Pierre Carreau at the Toiny Hotel in Toiny, « Beyond the Sea » by Fanxi Delarue at the new Manapany Hotel in Anse des Cayes and « Black @ Wild » by Michael Gramm at the Christopher Hotel in Pointe Milou.

In short, St Barth will still vibrate thanks to all these talented photographers who contribute so much to highlighting the island, both through their daily work as photographers for real estate agencies or magazines, but also for their artistic views on our island.

About Author

Monique Turbé grew up in a family of five children. Before becoming a respected hotelier, her father, Guy Turbé, was one of the first contractors on the Island. At the age of 18, Monique Turbé started her first construction, like her father, the “White Sand Beach Cottages, in Flamands. This property attracted prestigious guests, like Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and her son John-John, or Roman Polanski. In 2013, the Villa Mélissa was sold to a Venezuelan couple that fell in love with the property. Monique then decided to buy and renovate a new property that she called like her granddaughter: the “Villa Lenalee”. With this new property, Monique Turbé, created MY VILLA IN ST- BARTH, an exclusive concierge service dedicated to her two private villas. One of Guy Turbé’s last dreams was to see Monique create her own real estate company to look after the villas he had built and carry on the legacy. As an homage to her beloved father, she became the founder, chairman and partner of MY VILLA IN ST BARTH Real Estate, the first real estate agency founded by a St-Barths native and a villas owner.

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