Jean-Pierre Ballagny, sailor, painter and now writer, lives in Saint-Barthélemy, where he cast his yacht’s anchor in 1987. At his opinion, his second life has started in the lights of that peaceful island.

After having rejected his passion for painting, under family pressures in his young age, his artistic grand father’s chromosomes were regenerated by the images he recorded during his African and South American peregrinations. Light and serenity of Saint-Barth created the frame of that reborn and expression. First of all with excitement that follows long repression times, and then with care about perfectionism of his « masters to paint ». He realized about 850 painting during around twenty, now dispersed all around the world. Since 2006 his vision sense is affected by an accident.

He is so looking for a new pictorial way to express himself and in parallel he finds in writing a way to communicate and share his emotions and fantasies. Two books:  « La vie à l’envers » (Life upside down) published by Harmattan and « Rencontres » (Meetings) by Editions de l’Ile… Make us peregrinate with him along his initiatory journey, and share Life’s lessons from here and away.

About Author

Monique Turbé grew up in a family of five children. Before becoming a respected hotelier, her father, Guy Turbé, was one of the first contractors on the Island. At the age of 18, Monique Turbé started her first construction, like her father, the “White Sand Beach Cottages, in Flamands. This property attracted prestigious guests, like Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and her son John-John, or Roman Polanski. In 2013, the Villa Mélissa was sold to a Venezuelan couple that fell in love with the property. Monique then decided to buy and renovate a new property that she called like her granddaughter: the “Villa Lenalee”. With this new property, Monique Turbé, created MY VILLA IN ST- BARTH, an exclusive concierge service dedicated to her two private villas. One of Guy Turbé’s last dreams was to see Monique create her own real estate company to look after the villas he had built and carry on the legacy. As an homage to her beloved father, she became the founder, chairman and partner of MY VILLA IN ST BARTH Real Estate, the first real estate agency founded by a St-Barths native and a villas owner.

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