JoAna was born in Carcassonne in 1985. She arrived as an au pair in Saint-Barth in May 2009. After a few years of various jobs she took over Blue Gecko Studio in Saint-Jean opposite Nikki Beach and developed her many artistic talents.

She likes to describe herself as a passionate about materials and colours. As a jack-of-all-trades who likes to experiment with new techniques to create entertaining works. In her workshop Blue Gecko, she works mainly on ceramic painting. Just logical in the continuity of things, in line with what the creator of Blue Gecko had imagined.



In private, she worked on painting on canvas and finally in 2017 took the plunge. She left Blue Gecko and became a full-time artist. His main source of inspiration, the landscapes of Saint-Barth, the sky, the sea, the local fauna and flora. But not just that. Surprisingly, she made a double portrait of Gizmo in the manner of Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll whose composition shows on the one hand the Mogwai side and on the other hand the Gremlins side. Strangely, one could almost guess the shape of the island with its ying and yang side of everyday life.
We will have understood it by observing his work and technique, it is Andy Warhol and pop Art that influences him, but also Van Gogh and the impressionist painters.

Joana is a member of the St. Barth artists’ association and we at Destination St. Barths love artists, so we talk 28about them.

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