Mom, wife, artist and globetrotter. Olivia Lerolle holds the position. Her family is known in Saint-Barth (Mike, her husband owns DreamTime) and Olivia has exhibited her paintings in La Cantina and today permanently in the Santa Fe restaurant in Lurin.

Born in Tournai, Belgium (but with a French father), Olivia is therefore Franco-Belgian. She spends her time between Bali and St. Barth. She grew up in Malaysia. She is fortunate to have travelled extensively, to have trekked in Nepal, to Mount Everest. Recently she has exhibited in London, the capital of Rock British. And that’s good because, some of his creations are dedicated to rock icons, Jimmy Hendrix, the Stones, Depeche Mode, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, etc….. For this series, the technique is mixed, painting on canvas and collage, shifted and clocked. A real success.

Each artist has his own technique and themes, currently Olivia is in a women’s theme. Type year thirty, art deco and a technique that is hers, first she paints then she makes a photo that she prints on plexiglass after a process of modifications and transformations on Photoshop. Then comes the time for the final touch, she paints some details. This allows her to « create depth », to give the illusion of a stained glass window that follows the daylight and the time of day will give different effects.

Currently, Olivia is in Bali, she is preparing a new exhibition in a Rock and Roll style. But don’t let this stop you from discovering some of his creations. She exhibits permanently at the Santa Fe restaurant in Lurin.

We like the artists and restaurants of Saint-Barth. We invite you to go there, for the artist, but also to eat there, it will allow you to admire his works for an evening. In fact, you will soon be able to discover this emblematic restaurant on the island.

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