At the twelfth stroke, it will be midnight and we will plunge straight into the year 2020. Embraces and cotillions, greetings, Romeo & Juliet champagne and cigars, then we will dance on the tables admiring the fireworks of Gustavia and Saint-Jean. Happy New Year 2020…

But before that, you have to choose your restaurant for the New Year’s Eve dinner. At Destination Saint Barths, we know the restaurants in Saint Barths very well, so we have chosen twelve of them for you to choose from. From the restaurant with your feet in the sand to the high-class restaurant, we will help you discover our selection.

L’Isola, in Gustavia, a great Italian gastronomic table. One of the best Italian restaurants. Download the menu

Le Bonito, in Gustavia with a breathtaking view of the fireworks. Peruvian and Venezuelan cuisine. Download the menu

Eden Rock, a great table in a world-renowned establishment. With fireworks on the twelve strokes of midnight. Download the menu

Lil Rock, a beach restaurant in Saint John, which will also allow you to enjoy the Saint Jean fireworks. Caribbean style. Download the menu

La Cabane, at Cheval Blanc Isle de France. Very good family style table. A pleasant evening in prospect. Download the menu

La Case, at Cheval Blanc Isle de France, The place where to be. Chef Jean Imbert, friend of the stars, is at the stove. An unforgettable evening in prospect. Download the menu

La Guérite, in Gustavia, an exceptional evening in prospect. With an ideal view of the fireworks. Download the menu

Nikki Beach, in Saint Jean. The famous restaurant is no longer in use, because New Year’s Eve parties are so numerous and unforgettable. Download the menu

L’Ociela, in Gustavia. An exceptional setting, a pleasant cuisine, a very nice menu for this end of the year. Download the menu

Le Repaire in Gustavia, friendly atmosphere and impeccable service. An ideal view for the fireworks. Download the menu

Victoria in Gustavia, a restaurant with a pleasant setting and good cuisine. Ideal view for the fireworks. Download the menu

Zion, in Saint-Jean, special evening dedicated to the OSS 117 universe, your mission: Taste the menu. Atmosphere assured. Download the menu

If you would like to make a reservation in one of these restaurants, contact the concierge service of Destination Saint Barths, they will help you make your choice and reserve your table.

A last word for this last evening of the year. Have a party, but even in Saint Barths, be careful behind the wheel.

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